Step 4
Write transparently

  • Write sentences that you reader can read once and understand

  • Keep it simple

  • Write as though you are talking to a friend

  • Trim the fat

  • Use the active voice--find the true subject and the true verb

    • The final results of the test will be verified by quality control.

    • Quality control will verify the test results.

  • Remove adjectives

    • The basic fundamentals are simple.

    • The fundamentals are simple.

  • Remove redundancies

    • Fill to capacity.

    • Fill.

  • Find one word

    • In the unlikely possibility that

    • If

  • Remove or rephrase prepositions and prepositional phrases

    • You should free up the spindle before spinning.

    • Free the spindle before spinning.

  • Use a prefix (but don't make one up)

    • If you don't spell the word correctly

    • If you misspell the word

  • Use a shorter word

    • Oil the blunkard to facilitate removal.

    • Oil the blunkard to ease removal.

  • Remove or rephrase adverbs

    • Tighten the screw thoroughly.

    • Tighten the screw.

  • Don't use simply or utilize.

    Please don't.

  • Do leave in the the's and the a's.

    • Pull lever.

    • Pull the lever.

  • Use flow charts

  • Draw the information and use callouts




Fine distillation of information


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