Step 5

  • Edit

  • Read it out loud and edit

  • Have someone else edit

    Say "thank you," not "yeah but"

    And make the changes.

How to edit someone else's work

  1. Read it through once while you sit on your hands

    (Get the information, purpose, and style of the document before you get out your pen.)

  2. Read it again and check:

    • Is the information complete? (check for holes)

    • Is it well organized?

    • Is the story clear? (correct, trim, and polish)

    • Is it accurate? (check numbers, specifications)

    • Is it tightly written? (trim unnecessary words and information)

  3. Check graphics and their callouts

  4. Find things you like and write an admiring note

  5. Re-read the story and check your editing




Fine distillation of information


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