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XML chunking tool

Chomp2 lets you compose several related topics in one document and then later, break the document down into smaller files at the element level of your choice.

Chomp2 also comes in handy converting long legacy documents into smaller .xml topics. First you add structure to your document, then you chunk.

You choose how Chomp2 breaks up your .xml file. Chomp2 can pull out elements of the type you specify, and convert them to stand-alone .xml files. Parent elements have the specified child elements removed, ready to link to the new stand-alone .xml files.

Chomp2 is simple and benign. Your source file remains untouched. The easiest way to start using Chomp2 is to take an xml file and start experimenting. If you like, you can experiment with the .xml file shipped with Chomp2.

To download the Chomp2 chunking tool go to:



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